Summary:【New words and expressions】 生词和短语 ★fascinatev. 迷住,吸引住be fasinated withHe is fascinated with chess.Are you fascinated with English?like,love,be fond ofThe boy is fond of football.be crazy ab.

  • 【New words and expressions】 生词和短语
    ★fascinatev. 迷住,吸引住be fasinated withHe is fascinated with chess.Are you fascinated with English?like,love,be fond ofThe boy is fond of football.be crazy about: 着迷be mad about He is crazy/mad about music.He is fascinated with music.fascination,fascinatingSweet music is fascinating.
    ★affectionateadj. 充满深情,柔情的Cats are affectionate animals.affectionately adv.The lady is looking that man affectionatelyaffection n.
    ★mysteriousadj. 神秘的,难以理解的 a mysterious plana mysterious explanationmystery n.谜面,神秘感His death is a mystery.
    ★submissiveadj. 服从的,顺从的obedinent Are you obedient?Dogs and horses are submissive,but Cats are never submissive to us.be submissive to sb.submit v.submit oneself to sb/sthsubmission n. ★felineadj. 猫的
    ★independencen. 独立,独立性independent adj.You have already grown up,you must be independent.depend:依靠You must depend on yourselfdepend,dependenceindependence,independent
    ★high-riseadj. 高层的
    ★windowsilln. 窗槛
    ★paratroopern. 伞兵
    ★squirreln. 松鼠
    ★air-resistancen. 空气阻力
    ★impactn. 冲击力 Listen to the tape then answer the question below.听录音,然后回答以下问题。How do cats try to protect themselves when falling from great heights?
    Cats never fail to fascinate human beings. They can be friendly and affectionate towards humans, but they lead mysterious lives of their own as well. They never become submissive like dogs and horses. As a result, humans have learned to respect feline independence. Most cats remain suspicious of humans all their lives. One of the things that fascinates us most about cats is the popular belief that they have nine lives. Apparently, there is a good deal of truth in this idea. A cat's ability to survive falls is based on fact. Recently the New York Animal Medical Center made a study of 132 cats over a period of five months. All these cats had one experience in common: they had fallen off high buildings, yet only eight of them died from shock or injuries. Of course, New York is the ideal place for such an interesting study, because there is no shortage of tall buildings. There are plenty of high-rise windowsills to fall from! One cat, Sabrina, fell 32 storeys, yet only suffered from a broken tooth. 'Cats behave like well-trained paratroopers.' a doctor said. It seems that the further cats fall, the less they are likely to injure themselves. In a long drop, they reach speeds of 60 miles an hour and more. At high speeds, falling cats have time to relax. They stretch out their legs like flying squirrels. This increases their air-resistance and reduces the shock of impact when they hit the ground.

    猫总能引起人们的极大兴趣。它们可以对人友好,充满柔情。但是,它们又有自己神秘的生活方式。它们从不像狗和马一样变得那么顺从。结果是人们已经学会尊重猫的独立性。在它们的一生中,大多数猫都对人存有戒心。最使我们感兴趣的一件事情就是一种通俗的信念——猫有九条命。显然,这种说法里面包含着许多真实性。猫在跌落时能够大难不死是有事实作为依据的。 最近,纽约动物医疗中心对132只猫进行了为期5个月的综合研究。所有这些猫有一个共同的经历:它们都曾从高层建筑上摔下来过,但只有其中的8只猫死于震荡或跌伤。当然,纽约是进行这种有趣的试验的一个理想的地方,因为那里根本不缺乏高楼大厦,有的是高层的窗槛从上往下坠落。有一只叫萨伯瑞的猫从32层楼上掉下来,但只摔断一颗牙。“猫就像训练有素的跳伞队员,” 一位医生说。看起来,猫跌落的距离越长,它们就越不会伤害自己。在一个长长的跌落过程中,它们可以达到每小时60里甚至更快的速度。在高速下落中,猫有时间放松自己。它们伸展四肢,就像飞行中的松鼠一样。这样就加大了空气阻力,并减少了它们着地时冲击力带来的震动。
    never fail to ,双重否定意味肯定,运用双重否定结构加深句子的语义If you ask for help in the polite way,you never fail to succeed.If you receive requests like this,you'll never fail to accept.
    双重否定结构1. never fail to,can't fail to,don't fail to,否定词+fail to2. 否定的形容词之前加以否定,unreasonable,not unreasonableWhat he said is not unreasonable.It is quite common(not unvommon) for us to make mistakes.3.not+withoutYou can't obtain English without working hard.He doesn't have any meal without meats.4.no+notThere is no cat that doesn't like fish.There is nothing that he can't do.There is no rule that has no exception.
    as well
    as a result
    have learned to :学会了,习惯了People have learned to expect that trains are punctual.Children have learned to expect that their parents are very able.
    be suspicious of sb:对什么表示怀疑,存有戒心
    one of the things that fascinates us most,that引导定语从句
    that 引导同位语从句One of the things that fascinates us most about planes is the popular fact that they are safe and fast.
    turth,不可数名词,a good deal ofapparently:显然,显而意见
    It seems that...
    survive(v.),fall(v&n.)a cat's ability to survive falls is based on fact
    be based on: 基于事实基础之上base sth on:把某事加强在什么基础之上We base the theory on the fact.The theory is based on fact.
    make a study of sth:对什么作出研究
    over a period of five months.
    in common=the same.
    fall off :坠落,掉落
    die from:死于死于疾病:die of illness/disease/hunger/thirst.自然的死亡用of死于非自然原因:die from shock/injures/wound ,用from
    there is no shortageshortage:缺乏=lack,于of搭配Shortage of money led to the failure of the experiments.
    32 storeys
    suffer from:遭受什么痛苦A lot of people in the world are suffering from terrible disease.
    behave like=act like
    well-trained: 训练很好的,well-decorated:装饰漂亮的
    the further cats fall,the less典型的the more...the more...句型,用定冠词the修饰形容词或副词的比较级The harder you study English ,the better you can learn it.The more you eat,the fatter you will be.
    be likely to do:有可能如何,强调可能性In cold winter,We are likely to catch a cold.
    and more :甚至更多
    at high speeds
    stretch out:充分伸展
    【Special difficulties】
    so,such,such a,such an1.The film was so ....2.We...had such...3.It's such an...4.The twins are so...5....such a....
    【Multiple choice questions】
    1....Aendlessly fascinating 无穷的,特别吸引人的魅力
    2....Dthat the further cats fall,the less they are likely to injure themselves Because they have got enought time to relax and this increases their air-resistance and reduces the shock of impact
    3....Athat the further cats fall,the less they are likely to injure themselves>Structure4...Cfor对于人们来讲with对于人们来讲,强调对比概念With some children,their pocket money goes a long way.unfailingendlessly

    5...Bas...as...象……一样in the way that...以……方式I love you in the waythat you love me.We like modern art in the same way that we like beautiful...
    6...DIt is said that...据说It is announced that...据宣布It is reported that...据报道
    7...Bthere is plenty of--->there are plenty of
    9...most cats remain suspicious of humans all their livesduring 在……期间(时间较短)during our holiday;during the weekthrough侧重强调从空间穿过through the crowd穿过人群;through the doorMonday through Fridaythroughout their lives贯穿始终
    Vocabulary 10...CIt would seem(that)...---apparently
    11...Cexplain 解释;test检测;borne容忍,忍耐
    The theory is supported by the fact.The theory is based on the fact.
    12...Aeven so 注意上下文的语境although 让步;虽然,但是in spite of 只用了连接名词、动名词或代词moreover 表示递近关系He is very tired,even so he keeps studing english hard.
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